New Release – Married Until Monday – Denise Hunter

Dear Readers,

Sunshine, warm temps, and a chair next to your favorite lake/pond/pool, what can be better than that.  In my book (no pun intended) nothing except a really good book to go along with it.  Married Until Monday by Denise Hunter is that perfect summer read.  Light, full of laughter and fun it is an easy fit in a beach bag and one you will want to share with your friends after finishing it.

Ryan tried to move on from his divorce but he didn’t do a very good job of it.  He sulked, got angry and even bought her dream house.  Now he rambles around in that big old two story all by himself, missing her more than before.  He just needs a chance to win her back and he may have just received the golden opportunity.

Ryan and Abby are both invited to her parents 35th wedding anniversary celebration.  Abby has never told her parents that they had divorced  and Ryan sees this weekend as a chance to prove to Abby he still loves her. 

Now we all know that plans like these never go well.  With loads of laughter, some tears and romance Denise takes us down that rocky road of love and marriage in one short little weekend. 

Pull up a beach chair, get out the sun glasses and enjoy.

Happy Reading,


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