New Releases – June 22 – 27

Dear Readers,

The Summer reading season is in full swing.  Everyone has a chance to sit outside relaxing until twilight sets in.  I love this time of year.  We all stay up to late, enjoy each other’s company and mother nature.  Of course a good book is never far away. 

Happy Reading,

Refining Fire – Tracie Peterson – #2 Brides of Seattle – Militine works at the Madison Bridal School in Seattle.  It is the prefect place for her to find from her past and not worry about romance.  No one will want to marry her because of her secret.  Thane also hides a dark secret, one he thinks might match Militine’s.   Can two hurting souls help each other?

In Good Company – Jen Turano – Millie is determined to be the best nanny ever.  The problem is her playfulness and enthusiasm is not what people are looking for in a nanny.  She has one last chance to prove herself, hiring on as a nanny for Everett Mulberry, who has become the guardian of 3 children.  Will this unlikely family be able to figure out who are the most important people in their lives?

Gone without a Trace – Patricia Bradley – #3 Logan Point – Detective Livy Reynold’s has never believed her cousin left town of her own accord.  When a PI from Texas contacts her with a  case eerily similar, Livy knows she maybe able finally find out what happen to Robyn.

A Bride at Last – Melissa Jagears -Silas is trying to recover for a life of poor choices.  When his estranged wife contacts him, he sees it as a chance at a fresh start.  Kate believes after Anthony’s mother passes away that she will be his new parent, that is until 2 men show up claiming to be his father.

The Innocent – Ann. H. Gabhart – After the war between the states ends, Carlyn is in limbo.  The last word she had of her husband was that he was missing, but no one seems to know for sure what happened to him.  She is looking for some where to live and finds comfort with the group of Shakers in the area.

Irish Meadows – Susan Anne Mason – Courage to Dream #1 – James O’Leary will do anything to save his family home – Irish Meadows.  Even bulling his kids into marring people they don’t want to.  Brianne and Colleen find themselves in situations they never dreamed and long for follow their own dreams instead.  But do you go against your father?

Love Arrives in Pieces – Betsy St. Amant – Stella and Chase know each other from a life time ago.  She went on to live in the beauty pageant world, he to live a life with his fiancée.  After being hurt they are both back home just trying to survive.  Will these two hurting people be able to help each other find love?


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