New Release – Until Shiloh Comes – Karl Bacon

Dear Readers,

Maybe it is because my father taught history for years at a local middle school, but for what ever reason, I love reading and learning history.  Now I am not interested in reading some long boring tome about history, but a novel with set in the past? Wonderful!

The Shiloh TrilogyUntil Shiloh Comes by Karl Bacon is one of those books.  It gives you a lot of history, but with a story wove throughout it to make everything come to life.  Karl sets his books during the Civil War and takes the time to do the research so that he not only gets the setting right but also the characters and their interaction with each other correct.

Stanley Mitchell is a Yankee who is wounded in the battle of Shiloh in Eastern Tennessee.  Aaron Matthews is a Confederate and is killed in the same battle.  When his mother comes looking for her son, Stanley knows where he is, but refuses to tell her where he is until they strike a bargain.  Stanley will show the family where Aaron is, if they are willing to take him home and nurse him back to heath.

Reluctantly they agree and Stanley goes home with them.  To the Matthews home, in Confederate territory, where there are people so fueled by anger at the Union army that they would rather kill a Yankee than allow him to live among them.  Was this a good decision by Stanley or is it just going to cost him his life in the end?

What an different way of looking at the war between the states.  Two young men that may or may not have been friends at one time, fighting on different sides.  Both are wounded, one dies and the other lives.  Now as the family of the one killed, would you have taken the other one in knowing it is possible that he killed your son?  Something to think about as you read.

Until Shiloh Comes is the first of a trilogy and sure to make you want to come back for more.

Happy Reading,


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