New Releases – July 13 -18

Dear Readers,

I am at home this week, busily doing stuff that I have wanted to get done for a while.  You know painting, rearranging and working in the garden.  Hahaha, just kidding I am spending the week reading as much as possible while staying at home, getting up late and staying up later.

Happy Reading,

Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee – Several years after To Kill a Mockingbird, Jean Louise returns to her home town for a two week visit.  What she finds (along with us the readers) is not what we would expect to find in an older aging town.

Lady Maybe – Julie Klassen – She awakes with only vague memories of an accident.  Pain, freezing water, rescue and then nothing.  Now she is in a place she doesn’t know with on the fragments to try to understand what happened.

The Friends of Jesus – Karen Kingsbury – Simon, Martha, Jairus, Mary Magdalene, Peter and John.  Walk alongside Jesus with those who knew him best during his ministry years.

The Curiosity Keeper – Sarah Ladd – Jonathan never wanted to be heir to Kettering Hall, but after his brother’s death that seemed his fate.  The only way to save the family home is through the sale of a priceless ruby, one that has gone missing.

Someday Home – Lauraine Snelling – After losing her beloved husband, Lynn is struggling to find her way.  Her home is only an empty shell filled with memories that don’t help her on those long night by herself.  She decides to take in boarders and each of the women who come to live with her are also struggling with their own grief.

Maximus – Richard L. Black – A Roman general is losing belief in the empire.  A quiet man is gaining quite a following in Judea.  When the general is sent to check out what it is about Jesus that is attracting all the attention, he may find answers to questions he hasn’t wanted to ask out loud.

Not by Sight – Kate Breslin – Set during WWI.  Grace is sure that is your are an able body male you should be off fighting in the war just like her brother.  She believes she can force these men who say they are conscientious objector, especially Jack Benningham.  What she doesn’t know is the events she will set in motion with her actions. 


4 thoughts on “New Releases – July 13 -18

  1. I look forward to a few of these, my tbr list actually started to look like it had a dent in it, but now I am going to add a few more! Right now I am reading the Alexandra's Order series by Emilia Rutigliano, is the book site. It's been a great read this summer, I really can't put it down for very long! I recommend it for series lovers!


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