New Release – Maximus – Richard L. Black

Dear Readers,

Maximus by Richard L. Black actually released in March of this year.  I didn’t hear about it right away and then it took me a little while to track down how to get it to my store.  I now have a copy of my own at home and look forward to reading it.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Richard in Orlando and got to hear a bit of why he wrote this book.  It is always good to understand some of what the writer is going for and why.

Maximus is a general of the finest legion of the Roman army.  He is fighting to keep peace in the kingdom, but he himself has never known peace.  He is also getting disillusioned with what the Roman empire is doing.  He is losing respect for them and he begins to question his purpose.

When he is sent undercover to find more about this new teacher in Judea and what the draw is.  Why is this fellow Jesus attracting so much attention?  Is he trying to raise an army?  Is he just a crazy person that people are watching like a sideshow?  Does the Emperor have to be worried?  What Maximus finds will change his life forever.

We all know what he finds.  He finds Jesus and his story of salvation.  But that doesn’t make this book any less of a draw, in fact is makes me even more interested in reading. It to learn Maximus’ story.

I encourage as many authors as I can to write books for guys and when I find one, I carry it here at the store.  Looking forward to more books from Richard, I just need to wait a little bit longer.

Happy Reading,


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