Thomas Locke

Dear Readers,
Trail Run is the first in a new series for Thomas Locke, a.k.a. Davis Bunn.  We first ‘met’ Thomas when he waded into the waters of Fantasy genre with his book Emissary.  You can see my review for it here –  In this series he is blurring the lines a bit between Science Fiction and Suspense.  To be honest, some of the stuff they talk about in the book, I have no idea what it means. J
Dr. Gabriella Speciale has a very specific goal in mind.  She wants to create and control out of body experiences.  She hopes that her experiments will expand the boundaries of human consciousness.  She has an very elite group of people working with her to see what they can do.  When things start to go horribly wrong and people are not returning from the ‘ascension’ but remain in a coma like state, Gabriella races to figure out what is happening and to protect her group from further attacks from outside sources. 
Add in quantum physics and you have a wonderful mixture that makes for an fiction story that is just close enough to fact to make you wonder if you could actually do those things.  What would it be like to be able to pass through walls? Imagine what a country would do to possess this knowledge, it would change the face of espionage forever. There would be no place to hide your secrets that would be safe from the enemy. 
That is why I liked this book and look forward to the next one in the series.  It makes you wonder “what if?”  And then even makes you think maybe it already is happening.
Happy Reading,


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