New Release – The Curse of Crow Hollow – Billy Coffey

Dear Readers,

So is any one ready for fall?  Yay me neither, but this book puts me in the mood for Halloween.  The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey has that creepy look and feel that makes you think it should be a dark, windy, cooler night when you are reading this.  You know where a fireplace and a warm quilt will keep you safe from the boogy man.

Even though Billy does not mark these as a series, it is the 4th one set in the area of Mattingly, Virginia.  I am beginning to think I shall be avoiding the area as there are many strange things that have happened there. 🙂 But that won’t make me avoid the book as I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them.

This time we meet Alvaretta Graves, the local witch.  Well if you talk to any of the locals she is.  She vow vengeance on her husband’s grave and it seems to be that she is finally getting her revenge.  Three teens stumble on her little cabin in the woods and awaken her curse.  When a mysterious illness sweeps the Hollow, everyone just knows it is Alvaretta extracting her revenge.

Oh and don’t forget the rumors that Stu Graves has returned from the grave for his own brand of revenge.

See doesn’t that get you in the mood for a couple of good ghost stories?  I can’t wait to start this one and find out all about what is really going on in Crow Hollow.

Happy Reading,

P.S. Thank you Billy for writing these wonderful books that are a bit off the beaten path but such great fun to read.  Please keep writing.


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