New Release – The Bones will Speak – Carrie Stuart Parks

Dear Readers,

I love love love Carrie Stuart Parks books.  Okay the one I have read, A Cry from the Dust and I could hardly wait to read book #2.  Thankfully The Bones will Speak just released and I am already to get started.  A weekend away will be the perfect time to read it.  Of course a book with murder and mayhem may not be the best book to read while staying in a cabin in the woods…

“Bones” is book #2 in the Gwen Marcey novels.  This time Gwen is taking on a serial killer.  A killer who seems to have a thing for girls that look a lot like Gwen’s daughter.  So Gwen is in a race to find the killer before he carries out his revenge on her and the only family she has left.

Edge of your seat, who done its that are interesting and fun to read are my favorite genre.  Starting with Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown, I find mysteries one of the best reads out there.  When you work alongside the detective, PI or just amateur sleuth trying to find out who did it first, just makes the writing/reading so much more entertaining.

I look forward to enjoy many more titles by Carrie and hopefully in the very near future.

Happy Reading,


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