New Release – Counting on a Cowboy – Debra Clopton

Dear Readers,

Labor day weekend is rapidly approaching.  It is time to get that last summer weekend in.  I know it isn’t really the end of summer, but it begins to feel like it.  I know I am looking forward to an extra day to rest and not get up early.

One of the best things to do on Labor day weekend is hit the beach.  I get asked for a good beach read all the time and to be honest is there ever a bad beach read?  You are at the beach and you are not at work, with a book, what is bad about that?  Anyways, I do actually understand what the reader wants.  They want an enjoyable book to stretch out in the sun and get away from everyday life.

Counting on Cowboy by Debra Clopton is the perfect book for just such an occasion.  It will fit very nicely in the beach bag and is a light romance with cowboys and horses.  *Sigh*  🙂

Bo Monahan is not excited that his little town has become a romantic destination.  Mostly because it has brought women who are looking for romance and he seems to be a target for them all.  He is trying to take care of his Pops and his stirrup business that is just getting busier and busier.   But when a son he never knew about lands on his front step, he knows he is going to need help.

Abby is running away after losing everything.  She is hoping that the small town of Wishing Springs, TX will be the perfect place to hide away and never love again.  She can see that Bo needs help, but plans on keeping her distance even though they are really cute together.

As you can see, cowboys, horses, a baby and a bit of romance, the perfect book for that last minute end of summer get away.

Happy Reading,


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