Carrie Stuart Parks

Dear Readers,
I broke the number one rule when reading thrillers.  Do not and I repeat DO NOT read a thriller while staying in a cottage in the woods.  I just did that with Carrie Stuart Parks’ newest book, The Bones will Speak.  Yup sitting in the woods in the middle of nowhere and I decided reading about a serial killer was a good idea.  I will admit I probably read the book a little faster than if I was sitting at home.   At least there was a house full of people and I wasn’t alone, that would have been worse.
Gwen Macey is trying to find work as often as she can.  She thinks maybe things will be on a more even keel now and she and her daughter will be able to find a rhythm in life and move forward.  It has not been a kind couple of years with Gwen’s cancer and of course the divorce.  But things may just start looking up.  That is until her dog Winston brings home a human skull.  Well, at least part of one. 
When Gwen goes looking for the burial site for the human remains she instead finds a missing girl.  One that looks like she has been tortured and left for dead.  What really hits Gwen is how much the young teen looks like her own daughter.  Suddenly Gwen has to deal with a killer who seems to be aiming to kidnap her daughter.  Gwen just has to find the killer before they find Aynslee. 
Good clues, fun read, and a bit of a chill up the spine.  That is what makes for a wonderful thriller and this book has them all.  If you missed the first book, A Cry from the Dust, I do recommend that one first.  Get that one read so you can move on to book #2.  Just don’t read it in a cabin in the woods.  Unless you don’t like sleeping until the last page has been turned.
Happy Reading.

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