New Release – The Sword and the Song – C.E. Laureano

Dear Readers,

I am always looking for books I can recommend to guy readers or fantasy readers.  When they both come in a series all the better.  The Song of Seare series has provided that opportunity with both groups.

A fantasy series that has kept many entered by someone just looking for an action book as this one has a medieval feel, but also by someone looking just for a fantasy book as the lands and people are created by the author.
The Sword and the Song #3
In book #3 The Sword and the The Song, the battles are coming to a climax.  Not only are there battles against the Red Druid, the brothers are battling with each other.  Eoghan refuses to claim his rightful place and is looking for the key to defeating the enemy.

I don’t want to go into too much details in case you haven’t read the first two.  I recommend them in order otherwise the story won’t flow.  But once you get started it won’t take you long to finish the series.

Happy Reading,


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