Sharon Brown

Dear Readers,
The long awaited, begged for, not sure it was going to be written sequel to Sensible Shoes  is finally here!  TwoSteps Forward by Sharon Brown is on the shelves.   Anyone who has talked to Sharon knows that she really didn’t have plans to write a sequel. In fact she didn’t really plan on writing a fiction book at all.  Of course we all now know that God had other plans and we all get to enjoy her wonderful gift. 
If you have not read Sensible Shoes you will want to do that first.  Two Steps picks up right where Shoes leaves off.  You would be able to pick up the story line easily as Sharon does a wonderful job of “reminding” us what happened in the first book, but why miss out on a good read. 
Two+Steps+Forward%3A+A+Story+Of+Persevering+In+HopeMeg is off on a journey to London, Charissa is losing control of her studies because of the pregnancy, Hannah is still trying to figure out what personal rest is, and then there is Mara, she just wants her family life to improve.  Each one has a unique and special journey and yet they all form a close bond with each other. 
There is something very special about this little series. (Yes book #3 is in the works.) It is bringing women together in groups to not only talk about the fiction story, but also the spiritual aspects of the story.   We as readers not only have the gift of 4 women that we all want to hang out with, we are learning important and wonderful things about our own spiritual walk along the way. 
I don’t really know if Sharon set out to teach us about the gift of friendship, but that is what we are all walking away with.  Hannah, Meg, Charissa, and Mara would never been friends except that they got thrown together during a class.  Because of that they now walk alongside each other in ways that no one else can. 

Like I said earlier if you haven’t read Sensible Shoes, please go enjoy that one.  I don’t have to tell you to come join the fun in book #2 and then you can join the rest of us while we wait for book #3

Happy Reading,

P.S.  Sharon will be joining us here at Baker Book House for a special night on Sept. 24 at 7:00p.m.  Call to RSVP and join the fun.  


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