Listening to books

Dear Readers,

I have found a new pleasure I never really thought I would like.  I have been reading, well listening to books on CD on my ride to and from work.  Really I never thought I would love it as much as I do, but it is lots and lots of fun.

I made this discovery but getting a free set of the Lord of the Rings.  Now that version was a theatrical version so was not word for word, but it sure was fun to listen to.  (I have to admit that I kept seeing the faces of the characters from the movie or hearing their voices, which didn’t always match)  When that was over and I turned on the radio again I was a bit disappointed and made a beeline for my local library to find my next book.

There is only one rule for me on the books I listen to, they are not something that we would necessarily carry here at the store.  I have listened to a couple of classics and have once again found back several authors that I haven’t read in years just because I don’t always have time to read books that are not for the store.

I have gone to middle earth, I have meet the aristocrats of Russia.  I pedaled alongside midwives in post WWII England and I have stopped several terrorist threats to America.  All while driving back and forth to work.

So if the listening books is not something you have tried, let me recommend it to you.  Hopefully your work commute is not as long as mine, but really even just 10 minutes is long enough to get several more pages read.

Just remember to pay attention to where you are on the road, some day I am sure I will be calling work and saying yes I am on the way, but because I got so interested in my book I missed my exit and am now several miles down the road.  Oops.

Happy reading or listening,


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