New Releases – Oct. 5 – 10

Dear Readers,

I hate to admit it, but inside reading is becoming necessary around here.  It is just too cold to sit outside in my favorite rocking chair and read.  Even on the bright sunny days.  Of course it does mean I get to curl up in my big rocker inside, with a warm quilt and a cup of tea.  I guess that is okay also.  Mostly because I get to read, not because of the weather is colder, that is never okay.

Happy Reading,

The Bird House – Laura V. Hilton – The Amish of Jamesport – Greta needs to work to help ends meet.  She is asked to work at the local farmers market selling jams and jellies.  When she meets her friend Josh.  He walked away from his faith and her 3 years ago and she wants nothing to do with him.

The Bishop’s Son – Kelly Irvin – #2 The Amish of Bee County – Leila has been in love with Jesse since the first time she saw him.  But he is struggling with his faith and feels he can’t declare his love if he is unsure if he will stay in the Amish faith.

Miriam and the Stranger – #3  Land of Promise – After tragedy destroys Miriam’s hope for a family she returns to school teaching.  But a freelance reporter enters her world and Miriam finds herself attracted to him, but he is an Englisher.

My Brother’s Crown – Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould – #1 Cousins of the Dove – France 1685 – Catherine’s brother is just trying to protect her from treats to the crown.  But he is involved in a deadly enterprise.  Modern day – Renee has always been interested in her descendent Catherine.  When she makes a shocking discovery it may force her to face her deepest fears.

The Abbess of Whitby – Jill Dallaby – A Novel of Hild of Northumbria – Hild is tossed between the goddess Eostre and the callous king and her crass husband.  Then she meets the Christian priests of Iona and finds a home for her bruised spirit.  That meeting not only changes her life, it changes a nation.

A.D. 33 – Ted Dekker – Sequel to AD 30 – Continue the story of Maviah and her kingdom of outcast.  As her power threatens those rulers around her, she must find a way to rule and protect without putting her people at risk.


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