New Releases – Oct. 19 – 24

Dear Readers,

I have the day off today.  I spent last week visiting with a group of school teachers and then a group of church librarians and so am spending today doing nothing.  Well at least sleeping in, relaxing and maybe even a nap.  The only problem is those really good books are calling my name.

Happy Reading,

The Respectable Actress – Dorothy Love – India Hartley is accused of murder.  After India’s father’s death, she is on a tour of theaters of the South.  During the second night performance, India’s co-star is killed and everyone believes she is to blame.  Can she prove her innocent?

The Shock of Night – Patrick Carr – #1 The Darkwater Saga – Willet Dura is called to investigate the murder of one man and the wounding of a priest. When Willet questions the priest, he is screamed at in a foreign tongue and then the priest dies.  Will Willet be able to find the killer before he strikes again.

Rising Darkness – Nancy Mehl – #3 Finding Sanctuary – Sophie left Sanctuary under a cloud of shame and regret.  She is now back following the clues to a decades old unsolved crime.

The Tears of Dark Water – Corban Addison – Daniel and Vanessa seem to have it all together.  But in reality they are coming apart at the seams.  Daniel hopes his dream of sailing around the world together with bring them and their son back together.

Promise to Keep – Elizabeth Byler Younts – The Promise of Sunrise Series #3 – Esther is used to being on her own.  After taking care of her grandmother and now her deaf niece, Daisy, is has become the norm for her.  When Daisy’s father returns from WWII he longs to connect with his daughter, but she refuses to leave Esther.  Will these to hurting adults be able to find an answer for one hurting child?


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