New Release – A Respectable Actress – Dorothy Love

Dear Readers,

Every time I get done with a librarian’s day and/or conference I am right away looking for new books to add to the list for the next one.  Dorothy Love’s new book, A Respectable Actress came across my desk the morning after our fall librarian’s day.

I am looking forward to reading it as it is about a time in the South during the recovery but it is also set in a place I am somewhat familiar with.  St. Simon’s Island, just off the coast of Savannah Georgia.  One other interesting part of the book is it is about a stage actress at that time when they were trying to become respectable and change from being plays that are not fit for ladies and families.

India Hartley has just lost her father.  A way for her to honor his memory is to do a tour of Southern theaters that will not only provide her with a way to make money, but will also give her a chance to come to terms with her loss.

The second night in a tragedy happens and India is accused of murder.  To prove her innocent she must stay in Savannah and find the guilty party.  Thank goodness she has a patron who is willing to pay for a lawyer and he turns out to be the handsome Philip Sinclair.

So a bit of mystery a bit of intrigue and a dash of romance makes this a read that should earn it a place on everyone’s TBR list.

Happy Reading,


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