New Release – The Jazz Files – Riona Veitch Smith

Dear Readers,

The Jazz FilesA hot new series released through Kregel publishers originally released by the English imprint Lion Hudson, The Poppy Denby Investigates has hit our shelves.  The Jazz Files is the first book with book #2 scheduled to release soon.

Poppy Denby heads to London to take care of her aging Aunt Dot.  Aunt Dot is an infamous suffragette and has quite an influence on Poppy.  Dot encourages Poppy to get a job while she is in London and Poppy ends up at the Daily Globe, but her first day on the job does not start well.  A senior reporter is killed and it falls in Poppy’s lap to find out who the killer is and to report on it in the paper.

A very interesting setting for a book, the exciting roaring 20’s.  The age of flappers, glamour and jazz clubs.  Where people were celebrating the end of a world war with little thought of what the future held.  Add a little murder mystery to it and it is a perfect way to spend time in London while not actually leaving the comfort of your own home.

Happy Reading,


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