Patrick Carr

Dear Readers,
After Patrick Carr made a splash with his first series The Staff and the Sword, there were many fantasy readers anxiously awaiting his next book/series.  They wanted to know if there was a new fantasy writer that they could trust to bring them good fantasy without going to the “dark” side.  They were not disappointed.  The Shock of Night launches Patrick’s new series, the Darkwater Saga and it is going to be a wild ride.  With a bad guy who can control his victims with his mind and the good guy who seems a bit insane at times, the story does not let readers down the whole 400 plus pages. 
Willet Dura is the reeve to the king.  His job is to investigate any and all murders that happen in Bunard.  It by default has made him a Nobel and that has gained Willet more enemies than friends.  Willet doesn’t care as long as the king trusts him and he can wed his beloved Lady Gael.  He does his job and at times seem just a bit too good at it.  When a priest and his bodyguard are attacked, Willet is called to investigate and find any answers why that would happen.  He learns the priest survived the attack and quickly goes to interview him and see if the priest can shed any light on why this has happened, instead the priest suddenly sits up and yells a word from an old language in Willet’s face.
Not sure what happened or why, Willet leaves to continue the investigation.  What happens afterwards starts to open doors to Willet’s long forgotten memories and it seems that Willet might actually be one of the targets also. 
Though not always fast paced, there is lots to keep the reader continuing on.  Personally I wanted to keep reading if for nothing else but to find what Willet’s head is actually hiding.  What is his secret and why is he, a humble peasant, a target for a greater evil that is trying to take over the kingdom.  But also because the threads throughout the story make you want to continue reading and find out what it is about the Darkwater forest that holds so much evil that all who enter are altered forever. 

I am already looking forward to book number two due out in 2016. Patrick has proven himself as an author many fantasy readers are going to want to put on their trusted author lists.

Happy Reading,

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