Reading Challenge

Dear Readers,

I don’t know how many you followed up on the reading challenge I issued earlier this year.  I did not make a huge point of reading only books on the list, but I did every once and awhile pick a book purposely because it was on the challenge list.

To refresh your memory I have included the list below and as I review it I realize that I did better on the list than I thought I did.  There were a couple that I thought for sure I would not get checked off,
read a book that makes you cry and the 500 page one.  But I got did and am loved the book.

There was actually only one I didn’t really know if I got it checked off, read a book that has someone who shares your eye color.  I have blue eyes and to be honest I probably did but who really knows.

I am looking for a new challenge for next year and will keep you posted when I find one that sounds like fun.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Happy Reading,

Read a book that …

-Takes place in your state or country – Sea Keeper’s Daughter – Lisa Wingate – some of it takes place in Michigan along with the Outer Banks
-Makes you cry – My Mother’s Chamomile – Susie Finkbeiner
-You loved as a child – Wheel on the School – Meindert DeJonge & Maurice Sendak
-Your best friend recommends – Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth – local librarian recommended it to me.   Yes I count her as a friend. 
-has a great cover – to name a couple – Maggie Bright – Tracy Groot, Not by Sight – Kate Breslin, 
-Features someone who shares your eye color
-Is over 500 pages long – Map of Heaven – Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson
-Is written by an author you have never heard of – Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman
-Is in a genre you don’t normally read – I have a tendency to read any and all genres

-Has a child main character – Cup of Dust – Susie Finkbeiner
-Takes place in you favorite time period – That is a hard choice, but I have read from Biblical times all the way to futuristic this year. 
-begins a series – Trial Run – Thomas Locke
-was made into a movie – Game of Thrones – George Martin (okay it is a TV show not a movie but I did enjoy the book, I do not watch the show)
-Reminds you of someone you love
-includes a Christmas scene – Two Steps Forward – Sharon Garlough Brown
-Is a classic you’ve never read.

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