New release Calico Spy -Maragaret Brownley

Dear Readers,

As I write this post West Michigan is once again digging out of a lake effect snow storm.  I will admit that so far this year it has been pretty mild, but when winter decided to arrive this year, oh boy has it been cold!  But all the more reason to stay home and read, even if you are telling your boss you will work from home.

Calico Spy by Margaret Brownley is the perfect fit.  Set in the west when it wasn’t quite tame yet and include two icons of the time, the Pinkerton Detectives and the Harvey Girls.  So comedy, romance and a dash of mystery makes for an enjoyable read.

Two of the Harvey girls have been murdered.  So Pinkerton detective, Katie Madison, is going undercover.  Posing as one of the “girls,” she is hoping to enlist the help of the local sheriff, but he doesn’t hold much respect for any of the Harvey Girls.

When tragedy strikes town, maybe Katie can prove to Sheriff Branch Whitman that she isn’t what he thinks she is.

A perfect one day book, Calico Spy will not only give you a mystery to figure out, it holds humor and laughter.

Happy reading,

Happy Reading,


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