Susan Meissner

Dear Readers,

The Golden Age of Hollywood.  The filming of Gone with the Wind.  Goodness what else would a book need?  Stars over Sunset Boulevard by Susan Meissner has that and more.

A beautifully written story about Violet Mayfield.  She sets out for Hollywood to reinvent herself.  She has always dreamed of being a wife and mother, but that dream was shattered by a cruel twist of fate.  She believes that dream is dead and why not go to work on a movie set in glamorous Hollywood?  That it turns out to be Gone with the Wind makes it all the better.


Along the way she makes friends with Audrey who is an aspiring actress.  Audrey was on the cusp of stardom until talkies came along.  They share the little cottage that Audrey owns and the adventures and fun begins.  Hitting the clubs, watching movies and dating are just some of the fun and of course there is that incident with the hat…

Susan does include a bit of a contemporary tale alongside the historical setting.  It just enhances the other story and even adds a bit of mystery to it.

I am always excited to learn that Susan has a new book releasing and the past few years she seems to be able to time to with my vacation.  This year was no different and there is something very special about reading about those glamorous days while sitting in the sunshine poolside.  I really think that this book was made for that, but if you can’t get poolside, I recommend that put this book on the top of that pile of books to read.  Maybe once you are done with reading it, get a copy of the movie,Gone with the Wind and enjoy a bowl of popcorn and a classic.

Happy Reading,


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