New Release – The Calling – Rachel Dekker

Remko Brant had never been so sure of anything as escaping the Authority City with Carrington Hale.  But bravado comes easy when you have nothing to lose.  Now a husband, father and the tactical leader of the Seers, Remko has never had so much at risk.

The+CallingAs he and his team execute increasingly dangerous rescue missions inside the city, they face growing peril from a new enemy.  Recently appointed Authority President Damien Gold claims to be guiding a city shaken by rebellion into a peaceful, harmonious future.  But appearances can be deceiving.  In order to achieve his dangerous ambitions, Gold knows he must do more than catch the rebels –  he must destroy the hope their message represents… from the inside out.

With dissension in his own camp – and the CityWatch soldiers closing in – Remko feels control slipping through his fingers.  To protect those he loves, he must conquer his fears and defeat Gold… before one of them becomes his undoing.

Happy Reading.


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