New Releases – April 18 – 23

Dear Readers,

The week this releases to you, I will be flying to Minneapolis, MN to talk about fiction for 3 days.  I am so excited to be able to spend time with the great team at Bethany Publishers, who are part of the Baker Publishing Group.  Not sure all the topics we will be covering, but it is sure to cover a huge variety of genres and authors.

Enjoy the new list.  There is more than one title that I am looking forward to reading.

Happy Reading,

Sister Dear – Laura McNeill – Allie returns home after serving 10 years for a crime she didn’t commit.  No one believes her innocence, but Allie is determined to prove she is.  What she uncovers threatens not only her parole, but also her personal safety and her family.

A Flight of Arrows – Lori Benton – The Path Finders #2 – Years ago William stole a baby.  An Native American baby, one of twin boys.  Now many different people are paying the price.  Stone Thrower, the baby’s true father, the boy’s twin brother and William himself.  Will they all find peace?

Land of Silence – Tessa Afshar – Elianna is a young woman whom life has not always played fair.  She is taken into father’s business only after her brother dies.  When her father dies she is put in charge, isolating her from more and more people.  When illness strikes, she is even forced away from everything.  That is until she hears about a Galilean who is healing people.

The Cairo Code – Glenn Meade – previously published as The Sand of Sakkara – November 1943 – President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill are meeting in Egypt to plan an European invasion.  Hitler gets wind of it  and plans to kill the President.  Based on a true story.


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