Holy Ground

Dear Readers,

I have been thinking about this post for a couple of weeks now.  This past month was a busy month here at Baker Book House.  We not only had our all day librarian event, we hosted several well attended events here.  Ann Voskamp, Lynn Austin, Sharon Garlough Brown to name a few.

I attended and worked at many of the events (I just can’t make them all).  While working it is easy to miss those moments that happen during these visits.  I get busy making sure everything (along with every employee in the store) is moving smoothly. I get to visit while people enter the store and find seats.  The excitement builds and the joy on each visitors face brings all of us working energy.

But something struck me over and over again and I was honored to witness it more than once.  I was on Holy Ground during these visits.  God was very present each and every time when the readers and fans of these authors started sharing their stories and how the authors simple words made such a difference in their lives.

Tears were shed, smiles and laughter shared.  But every time I witnessed this I felt over overwhelmingly the present of God.

I am so privileged to work in a bookstore, but a Christian bookstore makes that even better.  I get to witness things that I would never see anywhere else.   Some times it almost brings me to my knees because of what I was able to be part of.  Other times it is just a silly conversation that leaves us participants smiling as we move on to the rest of our day.

Whichever it is I love what I do and prayerfully hope I can continue to walk on this Holy Ground for many years to come.

Happy Reading,


2 thoughts on “Holy Ground

  1. Chris, by any chance do you have some kind of secular fiction = Christian fiction correlation list? For example, if a person loves to read John Grisham, we might suggest Randy Singer, Robert Whitlow, or James Scott Bell. I have started a church library (for the third time) in a church where a lot of people have not read Christian fiction, and the time has come to develop some kind of list for them. I am starting with you because of your vast fiction experience.
    Thanks. Claudia Cuddy, a member of ECLA for many years!


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