Dear Readers,

With the new blog off the ground today, I thought I would start with a great quote from someone that would sum up who I was and what I thought about reading.  Instead I found this from an older blog post   “I could no more give up reading fiction than I could give up breathing.  Not only is it part of my job, but it is and has been for many years, my hobby.  I do other things, but when given a choice, reading is always my choice.  It is a chance for me to leave this world behind for a little while, travel somewhere else and visit with my new friend.  So no I won’t be giving up reading anytime soon.”

That pretty much sums up my reading habits and what I think of reading in general.  I am often caught saying “reading is breathing and I am not sure how people live without reading.”

I hope this adventure continues to be as fun as if was on my old blog, and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.  I know we won’t always agree on which books are good or favorites, but isn’t that the best part of life.  Being able to talk about things and why we like a book?

Talk to you again soon,

Happy Reading,


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