Julie Klassen

Dear Readers,

I have been in love with books set in England for as long as I can remember.  I love reading mysteries, fantasy, historical, you name it as long as it is set on the English Isle I am sure to give it a go.  It is also probably part of the reason I love Dr. Who and Downton Abbey.

So when Julie Klassen comes out with a new book, I tuck it quietly away to read when there are times I need a gentle story to enjoy and savor.  The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill is Julie’s latest release and I loved getting to know the family of inn.

Set in the quaint town of Ivy Hill, the Bell Inn is part of the fabric of the town.  It has come on hard times in the past few years because of the turnpike being put in and the lose of Jane’s husband.  She herself has no idea how to run an inn and for some reason John left her the inn instead of his mother.The+Innkeeper+of+Ivy+Hill

When the bank comes to call about a loan note that is due, it wakes up Jane to the possibility that she could be homeless if she doesn’t do something about the downturn the inn has taken.  With the help of some delightfully quirky characters and even some shady ones, Jane sets about to change a few things and to return the Bell to its former glory.

Like I said earlier, I love reading these books because of their gentleness to them.  They do have great storylines and even a bit of intrigue to them, but most of all the richness of the different people and characters that Julie includes.  I find myself cheering them on and even arguing with them about decisions they make.

The best part of this little book, it reminded me that there are issues that we don’t have to fight any more.  Like women who own property and that would lose it if they were married. No I am not going to get on a soap box, but it is good to be reminded sometimes that life is not that tough.

I am looking forward to the rest of the series and whiling a few more hours away in a lovely town in the English countryside.

Happy Reading.


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