Hi Reader,

I am wondering if any of you belong to an online book club or maybe interested in joining one.  I have seen them, but have never really thought about doing or joining one.

I do belong to a book club that meets once a month.  I love and enjoy that one and we have met for years now.  In the last couple of months a couple different people have asked me about leading or joining their book club and time becomes a problem, both reading and meeting.  So I am hoping this might work for us all.

So I thought an online one might be fun.  I hope to start next week and will post the book title and maybe a question or two.  You can post an answer or jusy work through the book throughout the month.  Next month I will pick a new one and am very open to suggestions.

Fiction is the main focus but again I am not opposed to other ideas.  I will lean towards inspirational fiction, but again am not against something else.  I will try very hard to either keep it clean or warn you.

Most of the books I will be working through right along side of you instead of having it read way ahead.  Of course vacations come into play so that might be a bit different, but we can work it out as I go along.

If you have any thoughts or ideas let me know.  Otherwise I will post a book next week Wednesday and we will get started.

Happy reading,


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