Susan Meiner

Dear Readers,

Every year for the last few years, I have the privilege of reading Susan Meissner’s newest release on my plane flight to my vacation in Florida.  I don’t remember how many of those I have done that way (read on the plane) but enough that I really wanted to read her next one a couple of weeks ago when I flew down to Fort Lauderdale for the week.

It took a bit of finagling, maybe a bit of begging and just a few days before I was scheduled to fly out, A Bridge Across the Ocean arrived!  My vacation was off to a great start.  The trick then became not to read it before I left.

The Queen Mary played many different roles in her life as the queen of the seas.  She was a luxury liner, taking people across the ocean.  She was a troop transport during WWII, moving through the waves avoiding the submarines sent to try to send her to the bottom of the ocean.

She also played a role in getting many of the war brides to the US from Europe.  This is what A Bridge Across the Ocean is about. One of those voyages and some of the women and children that were part of her journey.

Once again Susan writes a book full of delightful characters that you love to get to know and enjoy.  She storytelling is rich and it makes you want to continue reading and finding more and more about the people living in the pages.  She is one of those authors that I hate to see her books end because I am not ready to say good bye.

I am already planning my vacation next February, so Susan I am going to need another book to read on the flight down.

Happy Reading,


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