Book Club – Book #3

Dear Readers,

I went a bit different for the book this month.  I picked A Trail of Crumbs by Susie Finkbeiner.  It is the sequel to A Cup of Dust.  I strongly recommend that you read Cup of Dust first if you haven’t already, but join in the fun anyways.

A Trail of Crumbs is the story of a family that makes the transition from Dust Bowl Oklahoma to Depression Era Michigan.  The Spence Family and Pearl in particular have survived some of the harshest times in Oklahoma and are tired of fighting.  When one more tragedy strikes, the decide to move on and see if Michigan has more to offer than the sad memories they have now.

I loved reading this book because of the reminder of what it was like to grow up in a small town.  Where is was safe to run out your house’s back door (of course letting the screen door slam) and not return until you were hungry or it was dark out.  Where people looked out for each other.   Where 10 year old Pearl learns what family really means.

Happy Reading,


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