Book club questions

Dear Readers,

I know when I read about Pearl’s childhood I remember back to mine.  I grew up in a small town where you could leave your house in the morning and arrive back in time to get supper.  Never worrying about reporting in every 10 minutes.  I always feel bad that kids today do seem to have that chance.

What was your childhood like?  Did you have any major events like Pearl’s loss of her sister?  What were your parents like?  Would you call your childhood perfect?

I know mine wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty close.

Happy Reading,


2 thoughts on “Book club questions

  1. Angie K Mast says:

    My childhood was pretty much small town life, tho without the trauma of frequent dust storms, and any deaths of my sisters. I do remember a move during my childhood and the fear of finding new friends. I could feel Pearl’s terror when meeting the girls at the picnic & it brought back my fearful feelings.


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