Dee Henderson

Dear Readers,

It is not often where I get to read a Terri Blackstock book followed by a Dee Henderson book.  But Threads of Suspicion, book #2 of the Evie Blackwell Cold Case, released shortly after Terri’s book and I read them almost back to back.

They both proved that there are many good things in the Christian fiction market.  Books and authors that make reading the wonderful get away that it should be.  Ones that keep you interested to the end and then eager for the next book in the series.

Evie and the rest of the Cold Case team are officially on the job.  There was the formal announcement by the Governor and they are off and running.  They each chose a case and get to work.  Evie takes the case of a college student who seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth.  No one saw anything, the college student did9780764219979 not have a secret life and family and friends had no reason to believe she would run away.

Once again Dee takes us along on an interesting journey of what police work really is.  It is not just cops and robbers, but it is leg work, asking questions and piecing all the pieces together to get to the truth.  I enjoy reading her books for that reason.  She leads you along on the path, but doesn’t give you the quick answer.  She wants you to figure it out for yourself.

You must read this series in order with Traces of Guilt first or you might not follow who Evie and her team is and why that is important.  But don’t worry you will enjoy both books and be ready for book #3 long before it is ready for release.

Happy Reading.


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