Summer Reading List 2017 -I

Dear Readers,

Summer Reading!!  On the Beach, at a park, in a hammock, outside in general, Summer reading is the best.  So it is time for a summer reading list.  Once again one page can not contain all the titles I want to read this summer.  So here is part one with more to follow in the next few weeks.

This year I included some oldies but goodies.  Ones that have been favorites of mine but also ones that are favorites of others who work in the store.  There is no order, just good reads from several genres.

Happy Reading,

King’s Blood– Jill Williamson – #2 in Kinsman Chronicles – The saga continues.  The 5 Realms are destroyed and the population who has survived are adrift on ships at sea.  Will the next prophecy come to pass? Science fiction.

Leota’s Garden – Francine Rivers – originally released in 1999.  Wonderful story of Grandmothers, mothers and daughters and how we all need each other.  Contemporary.

Miramar Bay – Davis Bunn – A lovely light read about a famous actor who goes to find himself and instead finds a delightful community.  Contemporary.

Trail of Crumbs – Susie Finkbeiner – #2 Pearl Spence novels – Pearl and her family leave for Michigan, but not before one more tragedy strikes.  Leaving the Dust Bowl behind seems to be the answer to their problems, but is it? Historical – set in Michigan. Historical

The Elusive Miss Ellison – Carolyn Miller – Laviania is the only one in her village that is not excited to have the new Earl visit.  His brother left a legacy that she is not willing to look past.  Nicholas is not expecting much from the visit home, but instead he finds an intriguing and angry young woman who catches his eye. Regency Romance

Waves of Mercy – Lynn Austin – How did West Michigan end up with such a large Dutch settlement.  What made them leave the Netherlands to come here?  What was that first winter like and how did they survive it?  Historical

Purgatory Road – Samuel Parker – This debut novel is not for everyone.  Thought provoking, with the ability to keep you up at night, this book is fast paced and a great read.  Just know that you won’t be the same when you are done. Thriller

The White Feather Murders – Rachel McMillan – #3 in the Herrington and Watts Murders – This whole series has been a joy to read.  With a nod to Sherlock Holmes and his faithful side kick Watson, the characters in this book will keep you on your toes and longing for more. Historical/mystery

Some Small Magic – Billy Coffey – You will find yourself cheering young Able as he goes on a search for his missing father.  All Able needs is a little bit of magic to make it to his father.  But magic doesn’t always come in the ways we expect it.  Contemporary

Home – Ginny Yttrup – With deadlines quickly approaching, Melanie goes to a cottage to work. While there she finds herself falling in love with her main character.  Her husband is struggling with his business and an offer he might not refuse.  Will they find their way back to each other? Contemporary

To the Farthest Shore – Elizabeth Camden – Jenny’s heart was broken by Ryan 6 years ago and now he is back on the same army base as her. She refuses to talk to him and he made a promise to never reveal why he left.  When Ryan asks for her to trust him to complete the mission, will Jenny be able to? Historical Suspense

A Portrait of Emily Price – Katherine Reay – Emily is a fix-it type person.  Whether it is the objects that are ruined in a disaster or her sister’s life, she loves to fix it.  When she falls in love and marries quickly, then moves to Italy, people are not sure she is going to be okay. But will she be able to fix what is wrong with her new family? Contemporary


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