Book club questions

Dear Readers,

How’s the reading going?  Are you finding yourself understanding Gaylen and her family a bit more?

I will admit that when I learned about the dress painting I was very tempted to learn how to do it.  What a wonderful testimony and remembrance of the past.  I know in this book it tells a sad story, but what fun it would be to remember wonderful things.  Children’s birth, marriages, and even anniversaries or birthdays.  I wonder about many of these older traditions we no longer do.  Are they something we will miss or never even know we lost?

Does your family have an interesting tradition?

Happy Reading.


2 thoughts on “Book club questions

  1. Angie K Mast says:

    No family traditions in our family. Certainly not something as intriguing as dress painting. These colorful characters surely are getting themselves into a bunch of trouble. I feel like I am following Bonnie & Clyde around. Though clues are started to come together a bit. Now i’m wondering if the painted dresses don’t have a double meaning.


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