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Dear Readers,

It was pointed out to me on Saturday that last week there were no questions for the book club.  My oops.  What was scheduled to go out did not release, because of internet problems here at work I didn’t check it Friday.  Sorry.

So we will have the last of the questions this week and do a new book next week.

So what did you think?

Do you understand their family better now?  Have you ever had a situation like this in real life?  A family that tries so hard to keep a secret that keeps bubbling up.  I have and yet I can’t seem to make them see that if they would just get it out in the light and let it heal things are better and easier.

My mother worked with women who were abused as children.  I use to talk about it to different people just because they asked what she did.  One time a woman asked my why anyone would want to remember and then work through the situation.  Why not let the past be the past.  At the time it didn’t strike me as a big deal, in fact my answer was kind of the standard “That way they can get rid of its power of them and their families.”  A few years later I found out she joined one of the groups and is now healed and living a very normal and wonderful life.

Interesting how fiction can teach us so much.

Happy Reading,


2 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Angie K Mast says:

    I can see some of the damage and covering up for many of the secrets of the past, but wow, these girls did a lot of running & hiding & chasing to try to discover the truth. Sadly I was amused & chuckling often about the constant trouble they seemed to find. I guess I should be trying to understand them more instead of be amused by their antics.
    I also was a little lost on the significance of the painted dresses, interesting as they were. I didn’t see a much meaning in them to resolve the story’s issues.
    That said, I did enjoy the book & was intrigued by the aftermath of the past abuse.

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