Summer Reading list IV

Dear Readers,

Halfway through June.  I have found that I really am enjoying the later evenings outside.  It is quieter and restful at the end of a busy day.  Add a great book and sometimes I forget to go back inside.

Happy Reading,

Firstborn – Tosca Lee – Face-to-face with her past, Audra Ellison now knows the secret she gave up everything—including her memory—to protect. A secret made vulnerable by her rediscovery, and so powerful neither the Historian nor the traitor Prince Nikola will ever let her live to keep it. Fantasy/Contemporary


O’Malley Series – Dee Henderson – Still after many years a very popular series.  Prequel – Danger in the Shadows, #1 The Negotiator, #2 The Guardian, #3 The Truth Seeker, #4 The Protector, #5 the Healer and #6 the Rescuer. Contemporary


High as the Heavens – Kate Breslin – Evelyn Marche is a British nurse serving in a hospital in Brussels by day, but at night she carries out missions for the Belgian resistance group.  A downed British pilot suddenly puts her and the whole resistance movement in danger. Historical – WWI


The Captain’s Daughter – Jennifer Delamere – Rosalyn is left alone and penniless in London.  She finds a job at a theater backstage.  She finds she loves what she does and thinks she may pursue a career in theater.  Historical

Life After – Katie Ganshert – One year after surviving an attack on the transit system, Autumn is still trying to put her life back together.  Suffering from survivor’s guilt, she can’t figure out why she was spared.  Others see her as a picture of hope, especially the other victim’s families.  But Autumn knows she didn’t deserve to survive…  Contemporary


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