Deb Richardson-Moore

Dear Readers,

Sometime you stumble on a fun little read.  The Cantaloupe Thief by Deb Richardson-Moore is one of those books.  The cover and title attracted my attention and I finally picked it up over the weekend.

It is book #1 in the Barnigan Powers Mystery series and if this is any indication of what the series is like I am going to have to pick up book #2 as soon as I can.  It had good characters and a good mystery with a great twist to it.  And yet when I think of the twist I am not sure it was a twist so much as some great re-directs and rabbit trails that I happily followed.

Reporter Branigan Powers is doing a story on the only unsolved murder in Gambling Georgia.  Alberta Resnick was stabbed to death in her home 10 years ago and no one was ever charged with murder.  Branigan’s investigation for her article seems t


o have made the murderer nervous and more people are at risk.  Will she be able to figure out who that person is before more are killed?

I think what I liked the most about this book is that it doesn’t just march along the ‘normal’ lines of a murder mystery.  It delves into the issues of homelessness and addiction.  It does it in a way that I never felt preached at or hit over the head, but it sure did make me think about how I see the homeless.  Which isn’t always comfortable.

Like I said before I will be on the lookout for book #2 but also anything else by Deb.  If you like a good straight mystery, let me suggest this author to add to your list.

Happy Reading,


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