Book Club questions

Dear Readers,

So anyone else ready to take a road trip with me?  Personally I am ready to walk some mountain paths and explore Mount Rainier.

I want to ask, what do you think of a book that is considered a lighter read including topics like this one did?  Do you think every book needs to have a topic in it or can there just be books that are written just for enjoyment only?

Personally I didn’t mind it.  I thought it was handled well.  It reminded me that abuse can happen to anyone and does happen in all levels of society. Maybe not

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Reading.



One thought on “Book Club questions

  1. Angie K Mast says:

    Yes, this light & easy read is a welcome change, Much of what I (we all?) read is pretty serious, with some things to think about. I liked this for a good summer read. Made me laugh a little, worry a little….


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