Rachel Hauck

Dear Readers,


The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck was such an enjoyable heart warming story.  It is the mixture of contemporary and historical and I found myself lost in each time period that when the story would switch over I would think, “oh no I want to continue that storyline.”  But of course I was soon lost in the next one and was totally enjoying myself.

The contemporary is about Tenley.  She is the daughter and great granddaughter of award winning authors and seems to be following in their footprints with her first release being a mega hit.  Everyone is eagerly awaiting book #2, the problem is is she has writer’s block. She can’t find a way around it.


Bridie is from the 1900’s and all she wants to do is write.  In fact she has submitted her first manuscript, which the publisher seems to have missed placed.  Her mother has other plans, Bridie must marry well.  With well meaning marry into a family that will help their standing in the community.

I personally hope that Rachel continues to write books like this.  Some roman9780310341598ce, (which is sweet), some challenges to our thinking ( why is the status quo the only way to do things) and a faith that shines through in a quiet way.  This is not a edge of your seat mystery, but you want to continue reading because you have become attached to the characters and their lives.  Then when you hit that last page, you will find yourself wishing for more and that is what a good book should do.  Always leaving you wishing for more.

Happy Reading,



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