Book club – New title

Dear Readers,

Hope you enjoyed our little summer vacation.  I know I did.

Finding a new book has had me a bit stumped.  I wasn’t sure which way to go and then we received a little book from P&R publishers.  I know for you that doesn’t mean much but for me it does because we seldom get any fiction from them as they are more an Academic type publisher.

Anyways, I pickedprpbooks2fimages2fcovers2fmd2f9781629952765 Johanna and Henriette Kuyper – Daring to change their world by Abigail van Der Velde.  I took it aside to read and found myself intrigued by the topic and decided it might be interesting to find out what others think of the lives behind the man, Abraham Kuyper.

So we will step into the 1800’s when things are changing and learn from two women who may not have set out to change their world, but they did.  Sometimes at great risk to themselves and their reputation.

Happy Reading.


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