Lynette Eason

Dear Readers,

I do this all the time.  I find an author I like, read a bunch of their books and then have to wait for their next one to release and for some reason forget to read that next one and soon I find myself several titles or series behind again.

Lynette Eason was the most recent of author I hate to admit I did that to.  I pick up her title Without Warning, which is book #2 of her Elite Guardians series.  I completely found myself enjoying the book and lost in the mystery of it.

Katie is part of the Elite Guardians Protection Agency and she actually find her next job by following the police lights to a murder at a local restaurant.  It is where she meets Daniel, the owner, and who it turns out that someone is trying to pin a crime on him and then starts threaten his life.

Lynette’s characters are fun to get to know.  They are not perfect, but they brin9780800723255g that to the table and own it.  It is what makes her books so interesting to read.  Over the years of reading her books, it has been fascinating to watch her grow as a writer.  She has just gotten better and better.


For those of you that need ideas for guy readers, many that come here to the store do enjoy reading Lynette’s books because she writes believable male leads and that makes the books great for all.

If you haven’t read any Lynette’s books, you should start now or if you were like me and wandered away from her writing, reacquaint yourself with her writing and enjoy.

Happy Reading,


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