Rachel McMillan

Dear Readers,

There is this funny little series that has really started catching on and if you haven’t read them let me tell you do so.  The Herringford and Watts Mysteries by Rachel McMillan are just a hoot to read.  They have a fun and intriguing mystery and the characters are just a joy to meet and get to know.  The White Feather Murders is book #3, The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder and A Lesson in Love and Murder are book 1 & 2, just released a few short months ago and is as much fun to read as the first two.

Merinda and Jem are at it again.  Their popularity is on the rise and they see themselves as the picture of female empowerment for the city.  Well except for all the unrest in the city.  It seems our little band of intrepid detectives are all at risk.  Jasper because he isn’t sure he wants to be a police officer, Ray because he is Italian and the women because, well, they are women and detectives.

Set in a time where things we changing quickly for women and in a city I know so little about, at least half the fun is reading the heading for each chapter and when Rachel crosses over the 3rd plain and talks directly to the readers.  It adds the humor that is sometimes lacking in books, but it also gives the reader the feel of actually being in on the writing of the book and why the author did what she did.  It is like Rach9780736966443el knows what the reader would be thinking at that moment and uses it to enhance the story a fun and creative way.

I know these books are a nod to Sherlock and Holmes and Rachel doesn’t hid the fact.  That in and of itself makes for an even better read.   When you have iconic fictional characters like those two men, it would be hard to not include them in a book (series) of wonderful and fun murders mysteries.*

Happy Reading,

*Okay so murder isn’t wonderful or fun, in fact it is a horrible thing, but in the case of Rachel’s books there is a lot of fun to be had.


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