Summer Reading list 2018- part 2

Dear Readers,

Here is the second installment of the Summer Reading list.  Do you have all your books picked out for your summer reading?

Happy Reading,

Looking into You – Chris Fabry – contemporary – There is no greater power on earth than a mother’s love.

The Hidden Side – Heidi Chiavaroli – split time – When I was fourteen, I hid a pack of Virginia Slims in the top drawer of my dresser

Things I Never Told You – Beth K. Vogt – contemporary – The what-ifs taunted me every time I visited my parents, but any hope of beginning again had vanished years ago – if there’d ever been one.

223 Orchard Street – Renee Ryan – historical – Time had become her greatest enemy, the one obstacle Katie O’Connor hadn’t anticipated.

The 49th Mystic – Ted Dekker – fantasy – (prologue) – I’m walking through a field of yellow daisies, wanting to love the way they sway in a gentle breeze, wanting to enjoy the scents of fresh earth and natural grasses, the bright blue sky, the sound of chirping birds in the trees just ahead of me.

The Forgotten Road – Richard Paul Evans –  contemporary – I had a dream last night

Becoming the Talbot Sisters – Rachel Linden – contemporary – Waverly Talbot gritted her teeth and smiled brightly for the television camera

Honeysuckle Dreams – Denise Hunter – contemporary –  Playing house was just a little too easy for Hope Daniels.

The Heart Between Us – Lindsay Harrel – contemporary – (prologue) – Amy says in order to move forward, I have to stop clinging to the past.

Beneath A Prairie Moon – Kim Vogel Sawyer – historical – “When’re you gonna have your letter ready, Mack?”

Pelican Point – Irene Hannon – contemporary romance – #3 A Hope Harbor novel – He’d inherited a lighthouse?

The Accidental Guardian – Mary Connealy – #1 High Sierra Sweethearts – historical romance –  Deborah Harkness came awake with a snap, her hand already steady on the six-gun under her pillow.

The Wounded Shadow – Patrick W. Carr – #3 Dark Water Saga – fantasy – Ealdor emerged from the shadows to palpable silence – the lines of his face and the iron-gray of his beard familiar, and his gaze intense enough to see through walls.

Hometown Girl – Courtney Walsh – contemporary –  Beth Whitaker hated flowers


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