Chris Aslan

Dear Readers,

I have started this review a couple of times now.  It is because this book is not an easy one to read.  Manacle by Chris Aslan is a difficult book to read because of the topic it deals with.  It is about the demonic in the Bible that Jesus saved by throwing the demons into a herd of pigs.

I have read a couple different books with this demonic as the main character.  Mostly  those books show his slide into demon possession and then his miraculous rescue by Jesus.  Chris does that in this book, but he also looks at what it must have been like for him after the rescue.

What was his life like once he returned to his village?  A village that he had tormented for years.  People he had threatened and stolen from.  They would not be glad to see him.  Where would he live and with whom?  All questions that I had thought about and Chris was able to write a story with a glimpse of what it must have been like.

This is not an easy read and it is not one that will leave with warm fuzzy feelings after reading it.  It will remind you that following Christ sometimes is not the easiest path to follow.

Happy Reading,