Summer Reading List 2018 part 4

Dear Readers,

Last but not least the 4th page of my summer reading list.  It has been fun to check out all the first lines of all the books.  Some made me want to jump right in and see what happened next and others quietly invited me in.  So which ones are you reading?

Happy Reading,

An Extra Mile – Sharon Garlough Brown – contemporary – #4 Sensible Shoes series – In the three weeks since her mother’s death, Becca Crane had learned one thing about grief: there was no predicting what might trigger a deluge of emotions.

The Edge of Over There – Shawn Smucker –fantasy – (releases in July) – (prologue) – Abra could almost feel the rain, even though it was only a dream.

The House on Foster Hill – Jaime Jo Wright – suspense – Death had a way of creeping up on a soul, and Ivy Thorpe was determined that when it visited her, she would not be surprised.

Hurricane Season – Lauren K. Denton – contemporary – She usually stayed in bed until at least six, but this morning she was restless, like animals get when the barometric pressure drops before a storm.

The Man He Never Was – James L. Rubart – contemporary – Toren Daniels rolled over in bed and the light pierce his closed eyelids, which meant five a.m. had come and gone.

Until We Find Home – Cathy Gohlke –WWII – Lightning crackled, splitting the night sky over Paris, illuminating the letters painted on the bookstore window across the street: La Maison des Amis des Livres.

Loving Luther – Allison Pittman – historical – My father always told me if I never took a sip of wine, I’d never shed a single tear.

Blind Spot – Dani Pettrey – #3 Chesapeake Valor – romantic suspense – Luke crouched behind an orange shipping container, dreading to think what it held.

Steal Away Home – Billy Coffey – contemporary – We cross the river when I see in the rearview that the cabbie has something to say to me.

The View from Rainshadow Bay – Colleen Coble – #1 A Lavender Tides Novel – romantic suspense – The wind blew her long black hair across her face and obscured her vision as she ran through the lavender fields, the sweet aroma mixing with her perspiration.


Summer Reading list 208 part 3

Dear Readers,

Installment #3.  Every time I add another page to the list, I add more books to my TBR pile.

Happy Reading,

The Pirate Bride – Kathleen T’Barbo – #2 Daughters of the Mayflower – historical – Mama may have been named for a great-grandmother who traveled from England on the Mayflower, but that fact certainly did not keep her in the land of her birth.

The Road Home – Beverly Lewis – Amish – (prologue) – If you’re anything like me, you want to plan ahead.

Shadows of Hope – Georgiana Daniels – contemporary – Seven dollars was a small price for a latte and a little conversation.

Need to Know – Karen Cleveland – action/adventure/spy – I stand in the doorway of the twin’s room and watch them sleep, peaceful and innocent, through crib slats that remind me of bars on a prison cell.

No One Ever Asked – Katie Ganshert – contemporary – (prologue) – An earthquake started it all.

The Lost Castle – Kristy Cambron – split time – (Prologue) Crumbling walls were rare, beautiful things.

As Bright as Heaven – Susan Meissner – historical – Morning light simmers on the apricot horizon as I stand at the place where my baby boy rests.

Beneath the Surface – Lynn H Blackburn – romantic suspense – #1 Dive Team Investigators -Homicide investigator Ryan Parker flashed a thumbs-up to his dive buddy and fellow homicide investigator, Gabe Chavez.

In Places Hidden – Tracie Peterson – #1 Golden Gate Secrets – historical – “San…Fran…cisco!”

The Kremlin Conspiracy – Joel Rosenberg – action/adventure – Lousia Sherbatov had just turned six, but she would never turn seven.

Loving Isaac – Heather Kaufman – contemporary – The sun glinted off the water and threw flashes of light into Hana’s face, which made it hard to keep an eye on her son.

High Treason – DiAnn Mills – #3 FBI task force novel – romantic suspense – FBI special agent Kord Davidson had survived missions in the Middle East, been detained in Iran, excaped an ISIS death trap, and still walked and talked.

The Saturday Night Supper Club – Carla Laureano – contemporary – Three hours into the Saturday night dinner service and she was already running on fumes.

The Sea Before Us – Sarah Sundin – WWII – #1 Sunrise at Normandy – (prologue) – Wyatt Paxton never realized coming home could be as bittersweet as leaving.


Summer Reading list 2018- part 2

Dear Readers,

Here is the second installment of the Summer Reading list.  Do you have all your books picked out for your summer reading?

Happy Reading,

Looking into You – Chris Fabry – contemporary – There is no greater power on earth than a mother’s love.

The Hidden Side – Heidi Chiavaroli – split time – When I was fourteen, I hid a pack of Virginia Slims in the top drawer of my dresser

Things I Never Told You – Beth K. Vogt – contemporary – The what-ifs taunted me every time I visited my parents, but any hope of beginning again had vanished years ago – if there’d ever been one.

223 Orchard Street – Renee Ryan – historical – Time had become her greatest enemy, the one obstacle Katie O’Connor hadn’t anticipated.

The 49th Mystic – Ted Dekker – fantasy – (prologue) – I’m walking through a field of yellow daisies, wanting to love the way they sway in a gentle breeze, wanting to enjoy the scents of fresh earth and natural grasses, the bright blue sky, the sound of chirping birds in the trees just ahead of me.

The Forgotten Road – Richard Paul Evans –  contemporary – I had a dream last night

Becoming the Talbot Sisters – Rachel Linden – contemporary – Waverly Talbot gritted her teeth and smiled brightly for the television camera

Honeysuckle Dreams – Denise Hunter – contemporary –  Playing house was just a little too easy for Hope Daniels.

The Heart Between Us – Lindsay Harrel – contemporary – (prologue) – Amy says in order to move forward, I have to stop clinging to the past.

Beneath A Prairie Moon – Kim Vogel Sawyer – historical – “When’re you gonna have your letter ready, Mack?”

Pelican Point – Irene Hannon – contemporary romance – #3 A Hope Harbor novel – He’d inherited a lighthouse?

The Accidental Guardian – Mary Connealy – #1 High Sierra Sweethearts – historical romance –  Deborah Harkness came awake with a snap, her hand already steady on the six-gun under her pillow.

The Wounded Shadow – Patrick W. Carr – #3 Dark Water Saga – fantasy – Ealdor emerged from the shadows to palpable silence – the lines of his face and the iron-gray of his beard familiar, and his gaze intense enough to see through walls.

Hometown Girl – Courtney Walsh – contemporary –  Beth Whitaker hated flowers

Adult Summer Reading Program

Dear Readers,

Have you signed up yet?  The Baker Book House’s Adult Summer Reading Program is in full swing and the time to sign up in now.  You can come into the store and sign up or you can join the fun online.

I have been getting my pile of books ready to start, okay I may have started already, and am looking forward to seeing if I can get through them all before the end of August.  Adult summer reading list

It should be fun.  How about you?  Ready to get started and see if you can read more books that me?

Happy Reading,