Carla Laureano

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to let you know that Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe by Carla Laureano has arrived at the store.  I wanted you to know because it happens to be one of the books I am excited about for 2019.


Carl’s writing is warm and inviting.  I find myself caring for the characters.  I also find myself at the end of her books longing for more.   Her stories are an adventure to be traveled.

In Bittersweet Cafe, you will find yourselves, as I did, wishing you could smell the breads, pastries and other delights written about.  So grab a cup of tea and enjoy.  (You will need to bring your own pastry as Melody does bake wonderful food, but doesn’t share well with the reader.)  Maybe next book.

Happy Reading,


Robert Whitlow

Dear Readers,

Chosen People by Robert Whitlow is a different read.  One that I knew I was going to enjoy, but not how much.  I can’t say it was totally different than any of his other reads, which is good because I really love Robert’s writing styly, but yet it had something in that made for a fantastic read. One I wanted to continue reading even if i knew I was going ot be late for something or staying up way to late.


Set in the US and Israel, it is the story of Hana who is brought into a case of a family who is torn apart when a terrorist attacks and kills the mother.   The husband decides to sue the terrorist for damages.  What follows is an intricate search for the parties responsible for the attack.  Was it a lone wolf or a new cell that no one knows anything about.

What I really like about this book was not only the good story line, but also the interesting facts  that Robert brings into the book.  I love when authors can cleverly weave facts into the story instead of cramming it down our throats.  One spot Hana is having dinner with a date and it ends up being a discussion about what it is like for a Christian Arab living in Israel.  Fascinating.


I think anyone looking for just a good read, would love this book.  Well written with great characters including Leon the puppy who is a Great Pyrenees mix. ( We have a Great Pyrenees mixed named Lucy and it was fun to like about Hana enjoying Leon as much as we enjoy Lucy in our live)Robert brings the characters stories to life and it makes you become very interested in what is going to  happen next.  Nicely he does leave you guessing sometimes so you do have to pay attention while reading so you don’t just assume you know where he is going.

Happy Reading,


Dear Readers,

So many of you have shared what books you are looking forward to reading this year.  I have been getting asked which ones I am looking forward to.  I want to say “All of them,” mostly because you just never know what hidden gem you will stumble on.

I was only going to do a couple, but as I got started I keep saying I needed add this one and this one and this one.  Suddenly the list got a lot longer than I originally planned.  I know I have missed many of them and I am sure you will hear about them soon.

Happy Reading,

The Seamstress by Allison Pittman – February release – The French revolution from 2 very different perspective.  Beautifully written.  Must read

Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe -Carla Laureano – February release – #2 The Supper Club novels – Who doesn’t like a book about baking?  You can almost smell the bread baking.

Between Two Shores – Jocelyn Green – February release – Understanding both sides of the French and Indian War.  Catherine Duval has straddled two world she whole life.

Never Let Go – Elizabeth Goddard – February Release – #1 Uncommon Justice Series – Romantic suspense at its best.  A cold case about a missing baby that is demanding answers

Of Fire and Lions –  Mesu Andrews – March Release – A brilliantly written story of Daniel and Israel.  A must read for any and all interested in Biblical fiction.

Almost Home – Valerie Frazer Luesse – March release – A southern fiction that is delightful tale of people helping people.

Border Son – Samuel Parker – March Release – What you do to help your child?  How far would you go?  Would include rescuing them from a Drug Lord?

How the Light Gets In – Jolina Petersheim – March release – A family’s recovery of the lose of they husband and father.  Will the Mennonite community be able to help them?


The Last Year of the War – Susan Meissner – March Release – I read Susan’s new book on the flight down to Florida every year and this year will be no different.  WWII about internment camps in the US.

The Printed Letter Bookshop – Katherine Reay  – May Release –  A book that is about how a bookstore staff becames like family.  How we all have our ‘issues’ and how others can help.

A Manner of Things – Susie Finkbeiner – June release – Can not wait for your to meet the characters in this delightful story set in the 60’s.  Apple pie, family and memories.

My Dearest Dietrich – Amanda Barratt – June Release – Who was the women who love Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

Fragments of Fear – Carrie Stuart Parks – July release –  I can not make any reading list without at least a little murder and mayhem.  I love Carrie’s books and will continue to make sure they are on everyone’s reading lists.


Friday Fun

Dear Readers,

I got this in an email from Penguin publishers.  I thought I would share.

YAY! for reading.

Happy & Healthy Reading