Early morning musing

Dear Readers,

Have you ever had the chance to be in a bookstore in the early morning?  Before anyone else is around.  The only ones about are the ghosts of books and authors past.

I love that time of day.  There is an anticipation in the air.  Everything is ready for a new day of discovery and reading.  Books eagerly awaiting a new home.  Stories ready to be shared.  The waiting to see who arrives.

Bookstores offer a chance to come apart and rest from the rest of the world.  The pace is slower.  You take time to relax and find a new friend.  One that will be waiting for you whenever you are ready to pick it up.   And in those few brief moments before the world intrudes in the morning, the bookstore is the best place to be.

I just thought you should know.

Happy Reading,




Dear Readers,

Along the Seine River in Paris are these wonderful bookstores.  You can rent one and then sell books from them.  They are filled with beautiful old books.  This one pictured here is full of old magazines and pictures.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the one I wanted, it was full of old children’s books.  I only saw it opened once while I was on the bus, and I never did find it back.  Rats.

I did browse a few other ones that were filled with old fiction books, mostly in French, so I didn’t buy anything.  But as I was looking I keep thinking what a wonderful place to be.  On the shores of a river in a ‘bookstore.’  Everyone should have a chance to visit a place like this.  One so magical and perfect.

Happy Reading,