favorite lines

Dear Readers,

I have been listening to Louise Penny’s A Fatal Grace, book #2 in the Chief Inspector Gamache series.  (How have I not found these books before)  I am completely enjoying the series, but this morning I heard a line that made me laugh right out loud.  (there have been several, but this line almost made me have to stop my car I was laughing so hard)

The scene is that a group of people are looking at a photograph to help identify a murderer.  One of the character points at something on fatal_grace_cov_bookspage2the photo and asks “what is that?”  One of the other characters identifies it as the first character.  To which she replies “I look like a potato in a laundry basket.”

After the laughter settled down and I rewound the book a bit as I had missed a bunch, I got to thinking.  First what a great line.  It makes the character so very real.  Secondly I had to wonder how the author came up with that description.  I never would have imagined someone looking like that.

That got me thinking about favorite lines.  Some of them are funny and when you repeat them in certain groups will get the whole group laughing. My family has several of those and I am sure so does yours.  Emperor’s New Groove has provide many of a line we use.

How about you?  Any favorite lines that you have written down, memorized and/or use over and over?  I would love to hear them.

Happy Reading,