Jaime Jo Wright

Dear Readers,

I was hearing rumblings of The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright long before it came out.  I was excited to get my hands on a straight mystery and just dig in and enjoy.  It was so much fun trying to figure out how it all tied together and who the actual criminals were.   I love that part of a really good mystery.

In this split time book, we get to try to figure out what it is about the House on Foster Hill that makes it seem haunted or cursed.  None of the stories that swirl around the house are pleasant.  Every family that has lived there seems to have a sad story attached to them.  No matter who tries to fix up the house, something happens to make them leave.  What is it about this house?

Kaine Prescott is trying to get as far away from her husband’s death and her stalker as possible.  She buys a house site unseen in Oakwood Wisconsin.  She hopes to fulfill one of her late husband’s dream, to renovate an older house and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Something she was to busy with her career to consider while he was ali9780764230288ve.
What Kaine finds when she arrives in Oakwood is a house with a history.  One that is scary enough on its own, but when you add Kaine’s stalker back in it is frightening.  Will Kaine and her new friends be able to unravel the mystery of Foster Hill before it cost someone else their life?

Jaime does a great job of laying down “false” clues that the reader will gleefully follow down the wrong rabbit trail to figuring out who-dun-it.  A book that will keep you up at night and one that addresses an issue as old as time. (If I tell you what it is then I give away a major part of the book) Well written, a page turner that you will want to add to your TBR pile, just make sure you leave a few lights on while                                                                                reading.

Happy Reading,



Dear Readers,

I spent the other day home sick. The kind of sick where you truly just feel so miserable you don’t even want to get up to make another cup of tea because everything hurts.  But because of this I spent most of the morning binge watching CSI Miami.  (Don’t judge my TV habits and I won’t judge yours 😀).   I have also been listening to Agatha Christi’s books on my Overdrive App.

What a complete contrast is types of mysteries.  Agatha’s books are a straight mystery.  They are uncomplicated and you have to puzzle them out right along with our intrepid detectives, which ever one it is. ( I have listened to two of Inspector Poirot).  You need to reason it all out and put the clues together and even figure out who is lying and why.

Agatha is good at included most if not all of the information you need, but you have to find it yourself.  Now I have to admit that this second one I listened to, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, will not be my new favorite, and Murder on the Orient Express just might be one of my favorites, but they both reminded me of how much I missed reading a straight mystery.

Now, after watching a couple of CSI Miami’s I was struck how complicated their mysteries are and yet they lead you faithfully down the path to the bad guy every time.  They solve them using so many gadgets and technology it is amazing to me that anyone gets away with any crimes ever.  But it is fun to try and guess who is lying and why.

I enjoy both types of mysteries, technology filled and the simple puzzle mysteries.  I also understand the TV shows and books are not a fare comparison to each other, but I have to say that Agatha’s books kept me entertained much longer because they required me to use my own wits to figure out The Who-dun-it.

How about you, more technology in your mysteries or less?  Are you like me in the more murder and mayhem the better?

Also let me recommend the Murder of the Orient Express, fun, enjoyable and even kind of fresh, yes even after all these years.

Happy Reading,

P.S.  I am feeling much better, thank you for asking. 😀