Shawn Smucker

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Did not think it was possible, but book#2even more than the first.  If you haven’t read the Day the Angels Fell, get a copy now because in July you will want to read this one.

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New Releases February 12 – 17

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The middle of February.  The hardest month of the winter.  Snow, cold, and dark days are still the norm.  Spring is still a couple months away and I am kind of sick of sitting inside and reading.  At least there are some great new titles to join me.

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The Sea Before Us – Sarah Sundin – #1 Sunrise at Normandy – In 1944, American naval officer Lt. Wyatt Paxton arrives in London to prepare for the Allied invasion of France. He works closely with Dorothy Fairfax, a “Wren” in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, who pieces together reconnaissance photographs with holiday snapshots of France–including those of her family’s summer home–in order to create accurate maps of Normandy. Maps that Wyatt turns into naval bombardment plans for D-day.  As the two spend concentrated time together in the pressure cooker of war, their deepening friendship threatens to turn into something more. But both of them have too much to lose to give in to love . . .

Light on the Hill – Connilyn Cossette – #1 City of Refuge – Though Israel has found relative peace, Moriyah has yet to find her own. Attempting to avoid the scorn of her community, she’s spent the last seven years hiding behind the veil she wears. Underneath her covering, her face is branded with the mark of the Canaanite gods, a shameful reminder of her past captivity in Jericho and an assurance that no man will ever want to marry her.  When her father finds a widower who needs a mother for his two sons, her hopes rise. But when their introduction goes horribly wrong, Moriyah is forced to flee for her life. Seeking safety at one of the newly established Levitical cities of refuge, she is wildly unprepared for the dangers she will face and the enemies–and unexpected allies–she will encounter on her way.

A Passionate Heart – Hannah’s Story – Jill Eileen Smith – #4 Daughters of the Promised Land – Hannah and her husband, Elkanah, share a deep and abiding love, for each other, for their God, and for his tabernacle at Shiloh. Greatly disturbed by the corruption of the priests, they long for restoration and pray for a deliverer. But nothing changes as the years pass. Years that also reveal Hannah to be barren.  Pressured by his family to take another wife, Elkanah marries Peninnah, who quickly begins to bear children. Disgraced and taunted by her husband’s new wife, Hannah turns again to prayers that seem doomed to go unanswered. Do her devotion and kindness in the face of Peninnah’s cruelty count for nothing? Why does God remain silent and indifferent to her pleas?

Cold, Cold heart – Christine Poulson – After the events of Deep Water, scientist Katie Flanagan has gained an undeserved reputation as a troublemaker. Her research career has foundered. When an accident creates an opening at an Antarctic station, she seizes the opportunity, flying in on the last plane before winter and the months of darkness close off all escape routes. Unfortunately for Katie, a revenge-seeking killer is at large at the station.  Meanwhile patent lawyer Daniel Marchmont has been asked by a venture capitalist to conduct background research into a company involved in Antarctic experiments. His investigations threaten to uncover scientific fraud and expose powerful individuals, some of them at the Antarctic station. Hitting too close to the truth, Daniel’s sleuthing puts Katie in fresh danger.  Then the power at the research station fails. Will the killer help save them all . . . or kill them one by one?


Vacation Reads

Dear Readers,

If you were about to get on a plane to fly where the hardest thing you were going to do all week was decide which book to read next, what would you take along?  I have several books ready to go, but am curious if there is anything I should take with me that I haven’t thought of.

I have Beth Vogt’s Things I Never Told you, Becoming the Talbot Sister – Rachel Linden, The Great Along – Kristen Hannah, The Crooked Path – Irma Joubert, Awakening – Morgan Busse, Her Darkest Nightmare – Brenda Novak, and The Edge of Over There – Shawn Smucker.  So I have a good variety, but am I missing anything.

Oh and as every year, I will be reading Susan Meissner’s new release, As Bright As Heaven.

Happy Reading,

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Rarotonga, The Cook Islands

Francine Rivers

Dear Readers,

Every 4 years or so Francine Rivers blesses the reading world with a new book.  They are always highly anticipated and talked about for months before their release.   It should almost be a holiday so we can all stay home and read that day.

The Masterpiece hit the shelves on the 6th of February and is already moving off the shelves in fine fashion.  People are longing for a good read and Francine does not disappoint.  She reminds us no matter how far away we have wandered, God is watching us, taking care of us and loving us.

Roman and Grace have more in common than they think.  They each carry the baggage of a rough childhood.  Yes their stories are a little different, but it has taken its toll on the adults they have become.


Roman is a world famous artist who is still fighting the demons of a childhood spent in foster care while he tries to find his mother back.  Grace had a beautiful mother and an abusive father, but only really remembers living with her cold Aunt.

This is a story that could so easily be any of ours.  We will all find ourselves somewhere in the pages of this book.  Well written, with a vivid portrait of how we let things that have happened in the past to cloud the choices we make.  How sometimes we don’t have the entire story and need to make sure we do before we judge someone else.

If you have the chance to just walk alongside Roman and Grace in their journey of discovery in one sitting, take the time to do that.  I didn’t but I think it would be a wonderful way to spend a day watching two people find out who they really are.

Happy Reading,