New Titles – Christmas gift ideas

Dear Readers,

I know I did a Christmas gift ideas list already, but I am so excited to tell you about 7 new titles I got in today.  The reason I wanted to mention it was because I know that reader in your life can be the hardest person to buy for.  They read anything and everything.  They read it as fast as it arrives at the store and what do you get to stay ahead of them.  So here are some brand new just released titles.

Missing Isaac – Valerie Fraser Luesse – Great for guys or girls.  Southern literary fiction.  A coming of age book

The Lacemaker – Laura Frantz – Historical Romance – Set in 1775 in the Virginia Colony. Laura’s books are great romance novels that helps us learn about life in early USA.

A Song Unheard – Roseanna M. White – #2 Shadows over England – Women spies during WWI.  Intrigue, mystery and music are always a great combination.

Judah’s Wife – Angela Hunt – #2 The Silent Years – Biblical fiction that helps us understand those year between the two testaments.

Hearts Entwined – Karen Whitemeyer/Mary Connealy/Regina Jennings/Melissa Jagears – A novella collection that are light, fun romances to fill those cold winter nights.

Troubled Waters – Susan May Warren – #4 Montana Rescue – Continues Susan’s series about first responders.

Cold Water – Samuel Parker – Fast paced thriller that just may keep you up at night.  Great for guys or gals.

Out of the Ashes – Tracie Peterson – #2 The Heart of Alaska series – Continues the story of the Langelier siblings.  Historical fiction set in the last frontier of Alaska.



New Releases – Dec. 4 – 9

Dear Readers,

Goodness halfway through December.  Anyone ready for Christmas?  I am not.  I never feel completely ready except maybe from a retail perspective and that is, “Is it over yet?” 🙂  I am ready for those quiet winter nights where I can curl up with a good book and just enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Seed of Hope – Barbara Cameron – #1 Harvest of Hope Series – Miriam Troyer has had a secret crush on Mark Byler since she was a teenager, but she knows they can never have a relationship: Mark is a big-city attorney and an Englischer. Her Amish community is too far removed from all he knows–and she loves her quiet way of life.  Mark has always loved his visits to his grandfather’s farm, but he’s convinced the Amish life isn’t for him. There’s so much of the world to see and experience, and the excitement of his successful law practice can’t be matched by the slow pace of life found back home in the country.  But when things go wrong and his firm distances itself from him to try to save themselves, Mark finds himself back at his grandfather’s farm. Could life in this simple world be worth living after all? Especially when the teenager he remembers has grown into a woman that could be his future. Suddenly, these two people whose lives seem so far apart may get a chance to really see each other for the first time.

Awakened – Morgan L. Busse – After her escape from the Tower and from her father’s experiments, Kat Bloodmayne wakes up to discover the dark power inside of her has grown stronger. Now more than ever she needs to find the doctor who holds the key to healing her, but the only one who can help her find him is Stephen Grey, the very man who betrayed her.  Stephen Grey cannot change the past or what he did to Kat, but he will do everything he can to help her now. But will Kat let him? Or will his transgression be too much to overcome?  Time races against them as they travel with sky pirates through harrowing storms and across the war-torn country of Austrium in search of the doctor who can cure Kat. But can he cure what is broken inside of her? Or will the monster inside of Kat consume her soul?

A Daring Escape – Tricia Goyer – #2 The London Chronicles – At the height of World War II, American Amity Mitchell is living a comfortable life abroad as a tutor in England. But that changes when an urgent telegram arrives from her brother, Andrew, summoning her to Prague. Andrew s efforts to help Jewish children escape Czechoslovakia have grown desperate as Nazi forces tighten their grip on the country. Amity knows she can’t ignore God s call to join Andrew in coming to the children’s aid.  Amity s boss, Clark, follows her to Prague to urge her to return but soon finds himself helping the Mitchell siblings prepare Kindertransports bound for the safety of England while threats of German occupation escalate. As Amity and Clark race to save innocent lives, God is drawing them closer to each other.

Imperfect Justice – Cara Putman – The police say the woman was a murderer. Emilie Wesley knows they can’t be talking about her client . . . but she can’t prove it.  To the world it seems obvious: Kaylene Turner snapped and killed her daughter and then was shot by police. However, attorney Emilie Wesley knows a different story. Kaylene was a nurturer at heart looking for a way out of a controlling, abusive marriage. Kaylene’s death shakes Emilie’s world and her belief that she can make a difference for these women. Self-doubt plagues her, and she finds herself struggling to continue her work in the wake of tragedy.  Austen Billings thought he knew his sister–right up until he learned of the manner of her death. He receives a letter from Kaylene begging him to fight for custody of her daughters if anything should happen to her. No attorney in her right mind would take on his case, but Kaylene’s letter claims Emilie Wesley will help him.  Thrown together in the race to save Kinley Turner from a father who isn’t all that he seems, Emily and Austen pursue the constantly evasive truth. But if they can hang on to hope together, maybe they can save Kinley–and find a future for themselves in the process



Jaime Jo Wright

Dear Readers,

I was hearing rumblings of The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright long before it came out.  I was excited to get my hands on a straight mystery and just dig in and enjoy.  It was so much fun trying to figure out how it all tied together and who the actual criminals were.   I love that part of a really good mystery.

In this split time book, we get to try to figure out what it is about the House on Foster Hill that makes it seem haunted or cursed.  None of the stories that swirl around the house are pleasant.  Every family that has lived there seems to have a sad story attached to them.  No matter who tries to fix up the house, something happens to make them leave.  What is it about this house?

Kaine Prescott is trying to get as far away from her husband’s death and her stalker as possible.  She buys a house site unseen in Oakwood Wisconsin.  She hopes to fulfill one of her late husband’s dream, to renovate an older house and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Something she was to busy with her career to consider while he was ali9780764230288ve.
What Kaine finds when she arrives in Oakwood is a house with a history.  One that is scary enough on its own, but when you add Kaine’s stalker back in it is frightening.  Will Kaine and her new friends be able to unravel the mystery of Foster Hill before it cost someone else their life?

Jaime does a great job of laying down “false” clues that the reader will gleefully follow down the wrong rabbit trail to figuring out who-dun-it.  A book that will keep you up at night and one that addresses an issue as old as time. (If I tell you what it is then I give away a major part of the book) Well written, a page turner that you will want to add to your TBR pile, just make sure you leave a few lights on while                                                                                reading.

Happy Reading,

Book Ideas for Guys

Dear Readers,

Running stuck for ideas for those guys on your list?  Here are a few titles that might help.

Happy Reading,

Rule of Law – Randy Singer – Did the president play political games with the lives of U.S. service members?

A Time to Stand – Robert Whitlow – In a small Georgia town where racial tensions run high and lives are at stake, can one lawyer stand up for justice against the tide of prejudice on every side?

Some Small Magic – Billy Coffey – All Abel wants is a little bit of magic in his life. Enough money so his mom doesn’t cry at night. Healing for his broken body. And maybe a few answers about his past.

Fatal Trust – Todd Johnson – A Simple Job. An Unbelievable Payout. But in Risking It All On Blind Trust, He May Just Lose Everything . . .

Crown of Souls – Ronie Kendig – #2 The Tox Files – When You Stare Into the Abyss It Also Stares Into You

Every Deadly Kiss – Steven James – The Bowers Files – Called in by an ex-girlfriend to consult on a case, Patrick encounters the work of a killer who displays a stunning degree of ruthlessness.

Without Warning – Joel Rosenberg – #3 J.B Collins Novel – What if ISIS pulls off the unthinkable and unleashes catastrophic terror attacks inside the American homeland?

Invitation/Assault/Probing – Peretti/Meyers/Hunt/Gansky –  As Evil Lurks Around Every Corner, This Misfit Team Must Work Together If Anyone Wants to Make It Out Alive. This is Harbingers